Digital Labels – Instant Quote on Your Custom Design

Order as few as ten labels! Digital labels offer full color print at no extra charge. Digital printed labels are ideal for complex logos with shading, or if you'd like to include a photo.

• Materials range from brushed chrome polyester and static cling to fluorescent paper and magnetic vinyl.

• Ask for free samples if you'd like to see the material options.

• The custom quoter doesn't have all materials, like reflective acrylic or gold polyester. Call us for more information.

• Vinyl is our most common material, with an agressive adhesive for any surface, including wet environments.

• Digital printing doesn't offer long term outdoor durability, but an additional laminate enhances durability to over 2 years.

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Sample Prices
Size Material Sale unit Price 10 20 30 40 50
    2" x 4" Fluorescent Paper 1 label per label $1.98 $1.33 $1.24 98¢ 90¢
    2" x 4" Vinyl (Aggressive Adhesive) 1 label per label $2.20 $1.77 $1.47 $1.18 $1.15
    2" x 4" White Destructible (ultra destructible) 1 label per label $2.26 $1.83 $1.64 $1.21 $1.17
            10 20 40 75 120
    2" x 4" Clear Static Cling (back stick) 1 label per label $3.53 $2.10 $1.39 $1.03 97¢
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Labels Stock:
Digital Print (Permanent Adhesive)

Brushed Metallized Mylar

Fluorescent Paper

Recycle Paper

Vinyl (Aggressive Adhesive)

White Destructible (ultra destructible)

Digital Print (Removable / Reusable)

Clear Static Cling (back stick)

Clear Static Cling (front stick)

White Static Cling (back stick)

White Static Cling (front stick)

WindowCling (back stick)

WindowCling (front stick)


Material Colors: