Weatherproof Labels

Too much time in the sun? Our premium range of Custom Weatherproof Labels are waterproof, UV-resistant and practically unscuffable. Vinyl and/or metal outlasts paper labels by years. Find several different materials, including:

Flexographic Labels. Made using different grades of plastic (and some with lamination), these custom outdoor labels last 2+ years outside.

Screen Printed Labels. Laminated options provide great durability. Lasts for over 5 years outside.

Digital Labels. UV inhibitors in polyester top layer. Lasts for over 2 years outdoors. Order as few as 4 labels.

• Suited for all outdoor/harsh applications like drums, outdoor equipment, tools, bottles, and more. We can turn any rough sketch into polished and professional art at no extra cost.

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Sample Prices
Size Material Sale unit Price 1 2 3 4 5
    3.5" x 5" Reflective (engineer grade) 1 label per label $6.20 $6.15 $5.90 $3.70 $3.65
        1 2 4
    2" Circle Drum Plastic Label White (no laminate) 250 labels/box per box $133.25 $85.95 $56.92
        125 250 500 1000 1500
    2" Circle Vinyl White (no laminate) 1 label per label $1.28 73¢ 41¢ 25¢ 19¢
    2" x 4" Vinyl White (no laminate) 1 label per label $1.30 75¢ 43¢ 26¢ 20¢
    3.5" x 5" Vinyl White (no laminate) 1 label per label $1.45 84¢ 46¢ 29¢ 22¢
Also see ...
Anodized & Metal Labels
Anodized & Metal Labels
Featuring embedded print into the pores of aluminum, no label is more durable. Favorite of US Navy. Lasts 10+ years outside.
Self-Laminating Labels
Self-Laminating Labels
Buillt-in clear flap seals in your writing. Add your field text and then protect it all from water, UV and abrasion with polyester lamination.
Waterproof Vinyl Labels
Waterproof Vinyl Labels
Vinyl decals give you good resistance to water and weather. Options include aggressive adhesive, die-cuts and tamperproof vinyl.
Labels Stock:
Digital or Thermally Printed (Single Labels)

Drum Plastic Label White

High Tack Laminated Poly (best adhesive)

Reflective (engineer grade)

Screen Printed (Single Labels)

Chrome Brushed (with laminate)

Chrome Shiny (with laminate)

Polyester Clear

Polyester Clear (with laminate)

Vinyl White

Vinyl White (with laminate)

Vinyl Yellow

Vinyl Yellow (with laminate)

Flexographically Printed (Rolls)

Brushed Metallized Mylar (with laminate)

Matte Metallized Mylar (with laminate)

Polypropylene Clear (with laminate)

Shiny Metallized Mylar (with laminate)

Vinyl Labels (with laminate)

Material Colors: