Durable Aluminum Labels and Tags

Are you looking for the ultimate in durable tags and labels - Our heavy-duty, aluminum labels can withstand high temperatures, chemicals, and harsh outdoor conditions, lasting for years to come. These labels are made from rust-proof aluminum or sturdy stainless steel - outlasting imitator plastic labels that only have a metallic look without metallic durability. We offer hundreds of in-stock designs, and many options to create or upload your own design.

CUSTOM Metal Labels

Custom Aluminum Barcode Labels - Customize Online

Our top-of-the-line metal asset tags bind permanently to your equipment, for the life of your equipment. These asset security tags are ideal for laptops, PC?s and more. Legends are photo-imaged and embedded into aluminum. Get flawless barcode asset labels, computer asset labels or other equipment asset tags. Order asset tags with a logo, barcode or serial number. You can customize and order them online, quickly and easily.

Create Custom Tags

OEM Metal Nameplates & Labels

Instant Quote and Ordering
SecuriGuard Asset Labels and Asset Security Tags

• Heavy-duty aluminum nameplates are tough and durable. Design yours online or upload a custom design. Just fax us a sketch and we can create a professional design at no additional cost.

• There are no art charges or hidden plate charges. Additional options include adhesive backing, serial numbers and pre-mask. Choose from a wide variety of materials.

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STOCK Metal Labels

 Aluminum Write-On Labels

Asset Labels and Property Identification Tags

• Our Aluminum Calibration labels are hand-engraved with a pen or pencil. Even if your writing washes off, the label provides a permanent record of your dates, initials, and markings.

• All labels are 1½? x 5/8". They come on a card with a super-aggressive adhesive.

 Debossable Metal Tags

Asset Labels and Property Identification Tags

• Your pencil or pen marks "deboss" the aluminum surface ?making a permanent record that lasts the life of your tag. Your print is readable, even if the ink washes off.

• All tags are made from an annealed aluminum covering a heavy cardstock core.

• This aluminum has a special "pencil-receptive" coating that offers a terrific surface for your pen, pencil, or other marking.

• Debossable tags are ideal for tools, inspection records, valves and inventory. These tags last though outdoor conditions.

 Aluminum Asset Labels

Asset Labels and Property Identification Tags

• Asset tags are pre-printed with the legend "Property Tag" and have a human-readable, 3-of-9 barcode.

• Every asset label is pre-numbered sequentially We will choose the starting number for you.

 Metal Rim Tags

SecuriGuard Asset Labels and Asset Security Tags

• Low cost, colorful tags for keys ...