Self-Debossing Aluminum Labels

Debossable (dead soft) aluminum allows you to write in your own information, permanently, even if the ink wears away. Ideal for periodic record keeping and other field inputs. Use a pen or typewriter to indent the self-debossing fields.

Digitally Printed. Order as few as 50 custom labels. The most affordable option has a glossy finish. Labels are surface printed and the print is not as durable as the Anodized option.

Anodized. A superior option for extended use. This material option offers much better and deeper "debossability".

• Traditional kitchen aluminum foil is also annealed, a feature created through a heat process. Optional heavy and high bond 3M adhesive backing which can withstand temperatures up to 250° F.

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Sample Prices
Size Material Sale unit Price 4 8 12 20 40
    3.5" x 5" Debossable Aluminum (economy) 1 label per label $18.85 $10.56 $7.79 $5.46 $4.19
            10 20 30 40 50
    2" x 4" Debossable Aluminum (economy) 1 label per label $7.91 $4.40 $3.36 $2.69 $2.02
            25 50 100 250 500
    2" x 4" Debossable Aluminum (premium) 1 label per label $7.52 $3.86 $2.04 $1.16 85¢
            50 100 150 200 250
    0.625" x 1.5" Debossable Aluminum (economy) 1 label per label $1.02 70¢ 60¢ 54¢ 48¢
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Rating Plates
Rating Plates
Anodized aluminum with embedded graphics mean the ultimate in durability. Choose dead soft foil or heavy duty 32 mil aluminum. Start with an easy template. Or, send us a rough sketch or upload your custom art.
Embossable Aluminum Tags
Embossable Aluminum Tags
When you write on these tags, your writing is permanently engraved into the annealed (dead soft) aluminum and cannot be washed off.
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You have a choice of premium Anodized Debossable Labels, or economy Digital Printed Debossable Labels. Take a look at the similarities and differences.
Labels Stock:
Digital Printed Aluminum

Debossable Aluminum (economy)

Anodized Aluminum

5 mil Dead Soft Labels (annealed)

Debossable Aluminum (premium)


Embossable Aluminum Labels

Material Colors:
Dark Red
Flame Red
Light Blue
Dark Blue