Custom Clear Labels

Optically clear label material means that your printing floats over the background – and the label material itself seems to disappear. Find a range of printing techniques:

Screen Printed Clear Labels. Heavy ink laydown so graphics are opaque with strong and vibrant colors. Screen printing remains the favorite for designers looking for permanence.

Flexographically Printed Clear Labels. Low-cost labels are sold in rolls at a minimum of 500 labels.

Digital Printed Clear Labels. Best for short runs, stock shapes, product prototypes, and orders under 200 labels.

Place clear labels on top of any surface, or on the inside of a window. Just choose back or face adhesive.

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Sample Prices
Size Material Sale unit Price 1 2 4 8 12
    2" x 3" Polypropylene Clear (face Adhesive) 250 labels/roll per roll $149.09 $88.14 $61.37 $39.85 $31.96
        10 20 30 40 50
    2" x 4" Polyester (back adhesive) 1 label per label $2.42 $1.95 $1.62 $1.30 $1.27
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Labels Stock:
Flexographically Printed Rolls

Polypropylene Clear

Polypropylene Clear (face Adhesive)

Polypropylene Clear with Laminate

Screen Printed


Polyester (face adhesive)

Polyester with Laminate

Digitally Printed


Polyester (back removable adhesive)

Polyester with Laminate

Screen Printed Labels (Ultra Removable)

Clear Polyester - Back

Clear Polyester - Front

Material Colors: